I fell in love with dogs in 2007 when my best friend and I found 5 abandoned puppies. They had changed my life. I learned a lot from them and they had lead me to discovering the laws of the universe and understanding of how it really works. Since I was a teenager I’d read so many success and self-help books yet failed miserably. Only until observing and learning from these beasts that I fully understand what I had learned about success and my life had really transformed.

I decided to share this knowledge and experience to the world as I believe it can make this world a better place for all of us.

Exploring The Wonders of The Universe

Here I share my journey to achieve my dream life, what I've learned and what make my world better. Most of the stuff would be about ...


What I learned about Telekinesis, Aerokinesis, Telepathy and animal communications.


Funny animals pictures, videos and also what they can teach us about life.

Abraham Hicks

Teachings from Abraham or Esther Hicks about the Laws of the Universe.


How to attract wealth. I share how to setup website and business online.


Guitar chords, song lyrics and cool acoustic cover and dance videos.



Before Dogs

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Sharing Knowledge, Experiences and Stories from My Journey of Living An Awesome Life

I created Beasts Barn to share my journey, what I had learned, especially from the beasts, that had transformed my life, from misery to magical.

I’m so grateful that Sunday afternoon on March 12th, 2007, my best friend found the 5 puppies and then we decided to keep them.

Because of them my life became … well, more meaningful, magical and exciting!

Looking back, I found it’s really amazing how God/The Universe/Source (which ever you might us) orchestrates my journey up until now.

My perception now is totally different. I am a different person now. I’m happier.

I know that not everyone will accept what I’m sharing here. I also know that this is not for everyone.

My intent is to those who are searching for this, who will benefit and be inspired from the stuff I share here will find this place.

At the moment, Beasts Barn is this virtual site and my home. I actually called my home Beasts Barn even before I created this site.

However, I’m working towards making Beasts Barn a physical place for retreats, a getaway place for people to heal, be with nature and animals.

It also a place for people to learn about life transformations and alternative lifestyle other than working 9-5.

There is NOTHING Serious here. It’s just Life.

My teacher, Abraham, said that. But that seems to be totally opposite to what we see or believe right? Gazillion people take life seriously or TOO seriously and gazillion more who will born or being born at the moment will be too because not a lot of people are teaching about the non-seriousness of life.

Most success gurus tell us that we have to work hard, we must try harder, we must be determined, we will be tested. Well there is NO SUCH THING HERE at Beasts Barn. At our Beasts Barn Academy of Higher Intuition, there is no test or exams, no working hard and no determination required.

But don’t be confused between working hard and taking actions. Remember that you can take actions, actually a lot of massive actions with EASE.

That’s the key, EASE. People might see as if you’re “working hard” but actually you’re HAVING FUN!

Click EXIT and search for “how to be successful/rich” on Google and you’ll find millions of articles for you to achieve success through hard work.

If you believe in that kind of stuff (life is supposed to be hard), then this place is NOT for you.

We choose the scenic route to success and to get whatever we want. We teach Joy, Fun, Happiness, Gratitude and Relief here at The Beasts Barn.

This place is NOT for you to learn some shits, get a degree, go out, work hard (without needing what you learned for 4 years) and make just enough money to survive until you fall sick and die.

This place is not the means to an end. This place is “the end”. The result you want which is Joy and Happiness (abundance of MONEY is the side effect).

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