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Life After Dogs

Hi. I’m Chetz Togom. Most people know me as a dog lover. But my madness about dogs only started in 2007. Not many know who I am because I don’t talk much. There are actually lots of things I want to say, but it doesn’t come out of my mouth. So I let it out here …

what i learnt from dogs

Life Is Supposed To Be Easy And Fun

Well… Life wasn’t easy when I first fall in love with dogs. It was actually really tough. But it was much more fun with them for sure. My life only starting to change and became better once I applied what I learned from my dogs about living. Because of my dogs, I discovered Esther Hicks (Abraham) and with her teachings, it all makes sense.


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Go To The Light

Really funny video on how to bring your light to others. Abraham talked about how successful people became successful and how you can be successful too.

Put Yourself First

Great video for uplifters and those who feel they kept on distracted from doing the things they love or want to do.