Reminding Myself It’s A Journey

Chetz Togom, Founder of Beasts Barn

YOLO: You Only Live Once. I just saw on my FB newsfeed a quote saying this statement is false.

“You only live once … False! You live everyday. You only die once.”

Well, first people believe that they only live once. Then, some said that’s false! You live everyday, you only die once.

NOW that’s what the believe. What if we don’t die once? What if we actually die MANY MANY times already but we just don’t remember it?

I’m sure out of 7 billion people there are percentage of them believe in that.

Now let’s say that is true. It doesn’t matter if it’s true or not to you.

Just fucking pretend, OK?

How would you live your life now?

If life is such that you live, die and then born again, continuing your life in another body, in another place.

Although you can’t remember anything from your past life, your purpose and the things you want to achieve is still the same, UNLESS you want to change it.

It’s up to you really and you can pursue it forever. No ending. Your body might have expiration date but not YOU.

Would you still eat that tasteless salad?

Would you go to that same job?

Would you still be in the relationship with your spouse?

Never Ending Journey

Right now I feel like I’m completing my cycle in the current place and moving to another city.

I believe that’s the reason I kept seeing repeating numbers especially no 1’s and 9’s.

I read on Elizabeth Peru’s post that 11’s indicate new doorways are opening and 99’s you are completing a cycle.

But I kinda feel frustrated because it seems like just the same cycle.

I felt like I’m going to do the same thing, just different place, different people.

So today, I’m thinking how am I gonna change that. I know to change that I need to change the vibration within me.

To be continued ….


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