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Say This Before Eating For 30 Days and See What Happen

Chetz Togom, Founder of Beasts Barn

Awesome talk about losing weight. In a nutshell, we need to release the resistance and just trust that our body knows what they are doing.

I’m starting to do this today. Let’s see what happen in 30 days 🙂 . Join my FB group, The Beasty Torchbearers, or follow me on my Instagram to see what happen and join the fun! Let me know if you’re also gonna do this.

Abraham Rampage from the video.

Tonight I’m going to be in an environment where I’m will have many wonderful choices relative to food.

And I want to know whatever I choose my body will be just fine about it.

I like understanding that I have a body of trillions of cells who are all experts at knowing their work In my body.

And I’m so pleased that I don’t have to have a board meeting where I instruct each one of them what they need to do while I slumber or while I walk.

In other words, I’m happy that my body knows what to do. And I’m consciously aware that my intelligent body is maintaining and doing a good job of keeping me in terms of physicality where I want to be.

So tonight I know I’m going to be in an environment where I’d have a lot of choices and I’m looking forward to feeling the ease of the choices that are before me.

Understanding that there are no really wrong choices for me to make. That I have this resilient body. A body that understand everything about the content of the food that I’m going to be eating.

That understand everything about converting the food that I’m going to be eating into the energy that I call my physicality.

And it’s pleasing to me to know that this is not something I need to be concerned about. I got a body that knows what to do when I let it do it.

So tonight I’m going to be aware and maybe different than I’ve been in other times that I’ve been eating.

Each time I feel myself tensing a little bit over a choice that I might be making. I’m going to just relax and say to myself. There are no wrong choices here.

There are no bad choices here. Everything that is possible here is within the conform zone of my body in knowing what to do.

I know as I’ve been living life, I’ve created a picture of the way I want to be. Most important is in the way I want to feel.

Most importantly of the vitality I want to live. Also important the way I look, the way I move, the way my body continuous to be, the way I feel in my clothes.

All of this I’ve been putting into my vibrational escrow and I feel confident that I’ve painted a picture that’s complete as I want it to be.

And I feel confident that the cells of my body who are vibrational, transmitting and receiving mechanism are fully aware of that image and utterly compliance with it.

So if I can resist my normal temptation to freak out over food and instead I can replace that with attitude of relaxing and confidence in my body’s ability to manage and know what to do, and this will be, it is my plan for this evening the delightful and delicious meal of my life experience.

I like taking myself out of the management of the cells of my body which I’ve never really had any controlled over. I don’t understand metabolism. I don’t know what they do. I don’t understand the chemistry of my body. I’ve read all those books and all of them were wrong.

I don’t know about that but my body knows and I trust my body. So these things I do know …

I know that I’ve created a vibrational escrow and I know that I have a body that I can trust and I know that I’m gonna be sitting before a delectable banquet with all kinds of things that will be offered to me.

And I know that all is well relative to me and food.

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