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Before Dogs

Under Construction Sorry, I'm still updating my website. Subscribe below to get updates from me! Also join me on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. Below are all the links. facebook Instagram Youtube Blog Other Interesting Stuff facebook instagram...

Say This Before Eating For 30 Days and See What Happen

Learn More about The Beast Blueprint Chetz Togom, Founder of Beasts Barn 22 March 2016 Awesome talk about losing weight. In a nutshell, we need to release the resistance and just trust that our body knows what they are doing. I'm starting to do this today. Let's see...

Go To The Light

Really funny video on how to bring your light to others. Abraham talked about how successful people became successful and how you can be successful too.



What I learned about Telekinesis, Aerokinesis, Telepathy and animal communications.


Funny animals pictures, videos and also what they can teach us about life.

Abraham Hicks

Teachings from Abraham or Esther Hicks about the Laws of the Universe.


Teachings from Bashar, the alien channelled by Daryl Anka.


How to attract wealth. I share how to setup website and business online.


Guitar chords, song lyrics and cool acoustic cover and dance videos.

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