#1 Reason Why You Haven’t Received Your Money

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Still Waiting for Your Check from the Bank of the Universe to Be Cleared?

If you’ve watched the Secret movie, I’m sure you’re familiar with Jack Canfield’s story where he wrote a $100,000 check to himself, looked at it every day and within one year he was just a few dollars short from receiving that amount of money.

Since then a lot of people tried this method to attract money. You can even download and print the Bank of the Universe or Magic check from The Secret official website.

Now, how many people do you think really attract the amount of money they wrote on their check within a year?

Not many.

I bet a lot of people gave up looking at their check after only a few months (or even weeks) because they just couldn’t see any evidence or ways that they can achieve that amount and it starts to seem ridiculous.

Instead of collecting money, your check is just collecting dust and a few smirks (if not laughter) from family members or friends who have seen that check.

If you’ve tried The Universe Check writing process, you might know what I mean.

You won’t be here reading this if you already received the money from your check from the Universe, would you? 😉

So what’s stopping many people from receiving the money they have asked?

Are their dogs chasing away the Universe Mailman from sending the money? Not really because there a lot of people who don’t have dogs but they are still poor.

I had to slot that point in because I live in a culture which believes if you have dogs, you won’t be rich and successful because angel of well being won’t come inside your house because of the dogs.

If you have that same belief and are not willing to change that because you don’t want to go to Hell, I suggest you leave this site because there is nothing here that can help you.

But if you’re open to learning new knowledge to help you receive your money, I believe the #1 Block that’s stopping you from receiving your money (or anything else you desire) is that you’re…

Not Aware of How You Really FEEL About Money

Throughout the time I was learning about the Law of Attraction, one of the things that LoA teachers do not emphasize when teaching about this law is the Feelings or Emotion.

I mentioned this in my post Beginner’s Guide to Mastering the Law of Attraction.

We were taught to focus on what we want, to write our goals and dreams and also to imagine or visualize them.

But not a lot about being aware of how you’re feeling when you are doing the stuff they teach you to do.

Yes, some teachers would say, “feel as if that it already happened.”

But how do you know how something feels if you’ve never experienced something like that happening in your life?”

When you try to feel something, when you put an effort to feel something, there would be doubt or resistance that would eventually come out.

I’m not sure how long you’ve tried to manifest your money.

I’m not sure which methods or processes you are using, whether it’s from The Secret, Abraham Hicks, Bob Procter or any other teachers.

So I’m just going to assume you’ve been following Abraham Hicks for years, familiar with most of the processes to feel good or relief, you believe that you feel good most of the time, yet the money floodgates still haven’t opened.

“What am I doing wrong? What did I miss?” are usually the questions we ask ourselves when we already did our best but what we want still hasn’t manifested yet.

Note that this very question, “What am I doing wrong?”, is most probably the dominant vibration you’re projecting to the Universe and thus blocking the money from manifesting.

Stop judging yourself and stop thinking about what must be wrong.

Let It Go.

One of the ways to deal with this is to just let it go. Forget about it and stop talking about money.

If you only have one thing out of 10 that is working out for you, talk a lot about this one good thing, appreciate it a lot, make it the dominant air time and eventually the other nine that are not working will start to work out.

Remember that we get what vibration we project the most or which one has the most airtime.

If bad things always happen in your life, this means you have more negative feelings than positive feelings.


It’s natural that sometimes something would happen to make you feel bad, sad or angry.

But if you feel good most of the time or feeling good has more airtime than feeling bad, you will still manifest the things you want including money.

Now, you’ve probably tried that.

You’ve already let go of thinking about money, you feel good most of the time, your life feels easier and you feel happier but there is still no improvement in the subject of money.

Since the only factor that ensures whether your desire is manifesting or not is the dominant vibration that you have about that desire, this means your dominant vibration is still “not having lots of money”.

But you are NOT aware of it.

You’re not aware of it especially if you’ve been learning about self-help, the Law of Attraction or similar subjects for awhile.

It’s because we KNOW what we must do or how we’re supposed to feel.

If you’re an Abraham Hicks fan, you know the only thing you need to do is to GET HAPPY.

So you do your best to get happy every day and you do feel that you ARE happy every day.

But you also pass by that car dealership where you can see your dream car EVERY DAY.

And EVERY DAY you still have to go to a job you don’t prefer.

You used to hate it but now since you know that you should be grateful, appreciative and happy, you’ve become good at transforming your anger or irritation to appreciation.

At first you sort of feel excited because you just learned this Law of Attraction stuff and your life started to become better.

But probably after a year of feeling good, one day you pass by that car dealership and suddenly you realize, “It’s been a year and my dream car is still there and not in my garage.”

However, because you know how it works, you start to make an effort to focus on other things, stuff that make you happy or at least feel grateful.

You remember the time you got unexpected check in the mail, but then you also remember that the next day your car broke down and you had to use that unexpected money to fix your car.

Every day is sort of like this and after awhile you will start to feel “stuck”.

You don’t see improvements, especially concerning the subject of money.

This is when your “Emotional Seesaw” looks like this.


Do you remember how fun it was when we were on the seesaw? When it’s moving up and down, right?


That is when we feel ALIVE!

You’ll not see improvement if the feel good and bad are having the same amount of airtime.

So we really need to be aware of how we feel.

But is not that easy.

It’s not easy because a lot of us grew up focusing on believing instead of feeling.

We grow up learning and believing that anger is bad. It’s not good or appropriate to be angry so most of us suppressed that angry feeling.

But not showing your anger doesn’t mean that you don’t feel angry.

Same as believing that you’re not powerless doesn’t mean that you don’t feel powerless.

All this while you’ve learned that you create your own reality, you have the power to control your life and you really believe that.

But what you’re feeling can be totally the opposite.

Let’s use the same example I used above.

Yes, you do sometimes get unexpected money, but at the same time something would happen that makes you lose all that money.

You’ve got lots of ideas about receiving money, yet somehow there is something that not allowing you to pursue them or even when you did, the money would be gone and you don’t even have the chance to enjoy it.

This has been going on for awhile and you don’t know what else to do.

Now, although you believe that you have the power to control your life, it doesn’t feel like that, does it?

What To Do About It?

Firstly, you have to admit and acknowledge that you do FEEL powerless or hopeless.


Secondly, don’t judge yourself or beat yourself up about feeling powerless or hopeless.

It doesn’t mean that you’ve failed or you’re bad. It’s just how you’re feeling at this moment.

Thirdly, you need just move a step up on the emotional scale. Below is emotional scale guidance from Abraham Hicks book, Ask and It Is Given to help you with this.


You see, anger is higher in that scale compared to fear, depression and powerlessness.

If those people who are depressed can just be angry, they will actually feel better and it’s easier for them to move to discouragement or doubt and eventually hopeful.

So look at that emotional scare and find out where you are on this scale at this moment.

Be honest with yourself. No judgment.

Once you know where you are, just move a step up.

All you need is a feeling of relief.

If you need to be angry, then be angry!

Let it all out, then move on and move another step up of the emotional scale.

Now what if something really bad just happened like you just lost your job or you’re really worried that you’re going to lose your job because your company is doing retrenchment?

I know it’s not easy to just change your emotion from fear to worry or doubt.

But try this method that I learned from Mary Morrissey.

Tell yourself that you’re going to postpone your worry or panic for 3 days.

Say, “I’m going to think of the blessings from this contrast/challenge that I can think of first. After 3 days only I’m going to worry about this”.

It’s not as easy as it sounds if you haven’t practiced feeling good long enough or understand and believe how the Laws of the Universe works.

So, if you haven’t been feeling good more, then learn more about the Laws of the Universe and find the reasons to believe that everything is working out for you.

Until next post, Be Beast!

Chetz Togom

#1 Reason Why You Haven’t Received Your Money

“Sorry, we’re not able to deliver your check from the Bank of The Universe. Love, The Universe”

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