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Engineer & Dog Lover

I'm Chetz Togom

Sharing my experiences on how to Get Things Better Faster. I’m documenting what I learn from various teachers, mostly from my dogs, on how to live a happy life.

My STory

Getting Rescued

Before dogs

I was brought up by my grandparents 44 days after I was born. Best part living with grandparents was you always get what you want.

I’m blessed to have a grandfather who was very wise. He never said no to whatever I wanted, although he didn’t necessarily give everything I wanted. My grandma always pissed off at him because he would say yes every time I asked for something but many times didn’t get it and then I would be pissed.

But now I understand, I can get everything I ask for, it’s just that it’s not necessarily will come from him.

After Dogs

My best friend found five abandoned puppies on March 12, 2007. After fostering them for a month, we decided to just keep them. One of the best decisions in my life.

I didn’t know I love dogs so much until I got these five beasts. It’s mind-boggling how I can be in so much joy just by looking at them (when they are not doing things they aren’t supposed to that is).

Besides their amazing ability to make me happy without much effort, another aspects of them that amaze me is how content they are with their lives and always excited. How did they do that?

What Drives me

My Mission

I believe the answer to everything is Happiness. When we see injustice, abuse and other crimes, most are due to lack of happiness. It’s easier to be kind when you’re happy.

So my mission is to help as many beings to Get Happy.